Are you grappling with surging call center volumes and long wait times?

Exact Number is a low-effort, high efficacy solution to address this problem quickly. 



“Payfone's solution saved our call center. We implemented it proactively before we began seeing this surge, and we are so glad that we did. It has enabled us to increase our ANI match rate and cut down significantly on call wait times. It has very clearly made a difference for us!”
- Call Center Authentication Executive, Tier-1 Bank






A Tier-1 financial institution wanted to improve their customer experience in the call center by improving their ANI match rates. They ran their customer phone numbers through Exact Number, which verified the numbers they already had and appended additional numbers that were not yet on file.


Significant handle time reduction



Dramatic OPEX savings



Easy to implement - batch file

How Can Exact Number Help You?

Exact Number takes your consumers’ phone numbers and verifies them against a network of authoritative data sources, discovering missing and additional customer phone numbers in the process.


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