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Safely approve and pass more transactions by instantly identifying customers over mobile or desktop and in call centers. Payfone's Trust Platform and Trust Score™ let you deliver frictionless CX and thwart fraud.

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Replace slow and insecure identity verification processes such as passwords, security questions and SMS one-time passcodes to give your customers access to your products and services in milliseconds, not minutes.



Unlike traditional ID-proofing methods, Payfone's modernized approach to identity authentication requires no action on the part of the customer, removing unnecessary friction from signups, logins, call center calls and other interactions. Additionally, no app download is needed.



Passwords, knowledge-based authentication processes and SMS one-time passcodes are easy to break. Payfone's solutions are fortified against hacking, social engineering, SMS interception and ANI-spoofing.


For Mobile

Activate our Trust Platform for your mobile apps and mobile web to authenticate your customers instantly when they log in, sign up, or interact.


For Call Center

Payfone's Call Center solution enables you to greet your customer with 'Hello' instead of 'Who are you?' and save OPEX by avoiding the need for interactions with customer service representatives.


For Web (Desktop)

Our mobile authentication technology can also be leveraged for desktop web to frictionlessly verify customer identities when they visit your websites or online portals.

Trust Platform

Payfone’s award-winning Trust Platform replaces cumbersome and hackable identity verification processes such as knowledge-based security questions, one-time text passcodes, and passwords with instant, invisible, and privacy-centric (zero-knowledge) digital authentication protocols.

Leveraging Payfone's ecosystem of authoritative identity verifiers, the Trust Platform confidently and quickly confirms digital identities and closes the ‘Trust Gap’ between companies and their customers. The Trust Platform allows companies to beat fraudsters, protect consumer privacy and deliver a VIP express lane customer experience for over 90% of interactions.

Trust Score

The Payfone Trust Score analyzes real-time digital signals to generate a dynamic score that enables businesses to instantly and confidently answer the question “Should I trust this interaction?”

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“Payfone’s solutions will significantly simplify the enrollment processes for millions of Zelle P2P users, while adding another layer of non-intrusive protection behind-the-scenes for Zelle. Payfone brings together data from across the mobile ecosystem – networks, devices, users – to help us assess enrollment and transaction risk almost instantly. This helps us balance the requirements for speed and security in the faster payments space.”


Early Warning/Zelle

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