Fighting APP Fraud and Scams in 2022

When it comes to security, a common phrase used is “the human is the weakest link”, and this is supported by UK Finance’s recent report totaling financial fraud losses from scams such as banking scams, telephone scams and government grant scams totaling £783.8 million in 2020. But how can companies protect consumers and themselves against these types of attacks?

The discussion focuses on consumer education, how technology can help to mitigate risk, and steps can take to detect and deter APP fraud.

Presented by Chris Parker, Fraud Analytics Product & Threat Lead at NatWest Group, and Keiron Dalton, VP & UK Country Manager at Prove.

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Chris Parker

Chris Parker
Fraud Analytics Product & Threat Lead
NatWest Group

Keiron Dalton

Keiron Dalton
VP & UK Country Manager 

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