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Fraudsters are taking advantage of the vulnerabilities of your multi-factor authentication methods, even the widely used SMS OTP.

Get ahead of these bad actors by evolving your authentication using the newest MFA technologies, such as frictionless mobile authentication and real-time trust scoring.

Read our white paper to understand how you can create more secure, frictionless experiences using next-gen authentication technologies.

1,000+ companies and 500 banks use Prove's modern technologies to secure their experiences and accelerate revenue growth.

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Read the white paper to learn about:

 The most common SMS OTP vulnerabilities that you need to know
How to strengthen SMS OTP if you plan to continue using it
Next-generation authentication methods that can be used to either fortify or replace SMS OTP for frictionless and more secure experiences
The findings of a 2020 study by Prove, which analyzed over 385,000 SMS and voice OTP-based transactions across industries

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