How FinTech Makes It Easy: Digital Identity & Open Banking


How FinTech Makes It Easy: Digital Identity & Open Banking Webinar

How can financial institutions and fintech companies partner to provide the best value for their customers while differentiating themselves in this increasingly competitive landscape?

Today’s consumers have high expectations when it comes to the financial services world, and financial institutions cannot underestimate the value of collaboration, AKA open innovation.

To meet these expectations, leading financial institutions work with fintech companies to maximize the opportunity around initiatives such as open banking in today's API-driven world.

Join Keiron Dalton, VP & UK Country Manager at Prove (a digital identity leader), and Stephan van Calker, Open Banking Partnerships at Tink (a leading open banking platform in Europe), to learn how both Prove and Tink are helping leading financial institutions and fintechs to enhance their offerings in order to attract new customers.