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  • Prove is able to validate 100% of users by adding as much or as little friction to the user journey, as necessary.



What is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?

MFA verifies an established user is still who they claim to be utilizing a combination of something you Know, Are, and Have.





Knowledge-Based Authentication
(e.g., Mother’s Maiden Name, Past Address, etc.)




Behavioral Patterns



Mobile Phone

Hard Token
(Physical hardware authenticators - e.g., One-Time Password Keyfobs)

Soft Token
(Software-based authentication - e.g., Authenticaton Apps)

We focus on the something you Are and Have. Know authenticators are expensive, easily obtainable/hackable, and can include outdated information, which makes the solution less secure. Our MFA solutions protect customers at high-risk moments through passive and active measures - at scale and globally – through a single API.

Learn about how we utilized our Trust Score™ technology to analyze 385,000+ MFA transactions and uncover critical consumer transaction vulnerabilities.

Access our Trust Score Case Study

How we use Trust Score to fortify MFA transactions:

  1. Trust Score analyzes behavioral and phone intelligence signals to provide a measure score of a customer’s fraud risk and identity confidence.

  2. Running Trust Score helps you understand which transactions could potentially be risky or fraudulent prior to transaction completion.

  3. Paired with other MFA solutions (OTPs, Mobile Auth, etc.), this powerful step-up authentication combination can protect from SIM-swap fraud and other account takeover schemes that traditional methods cannot.

Our Solutions




SMS & Voice One-Time Passcodes (OTPs)

  • Can be customized to your specific messaging

  • Take the guess work out and utilize our standard out-of-the-box messaging




Mobile Auth

Uses mobile networks to verify that activity is coming from an expected device

  • Works silently in the background to create a frictionless experience for the end user

  • Built on core network infrastructure, it is a highly secure capability



Instant Link™

Utilizes both passive and active authentication to create a more secure alternative to SMS OTP

  • NIST Compliant – we utilize both passive and active measures to authenticate identities in real-time when users click the link, creating a more secure alternative to SMS OTP

  • We combine our Authentication solutions with our SMS delivery channel, to ensure we are landing your message on your user’s device


Chart your own user experience, adding as much or as little friction as possible

Our MFA solutions are designed to be complementary, modular, and scalable. You have full control to pick the set of solutions for your desired level of security and user experience flow. Our MFA solutions can be standalone or layered with additional Prove products to orchestrate end-to-end safeguards to thwart fraud and unauthorized actions.


Why Prove’s MFA leads to a better experience


Our single API facilitates ease of integration and access


Add as much or as little friction as necessary through our solution suite of products


Digital Identity leader: we map out a 360 view of the user, pulling in first- and third-party data to understand phone type, location, biometric data, and more – all encrypted for full privacy and security


Scalable and Global means that we’re constantly innovating next-gen authentication products that evolve with you as your needs develop


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