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    Tap into the only mobile identity authentication solution directly connected to all 4 top UK mobile operators

  • Mobile Authentication enables enterprises to meet SCA regulations with seamless and secure identity authentication that doesn’t hamper the customer experience and reduces the reliance on SMS OTP










Mobile authentication through Phone Intelligence signals 

Payfone's seamless login and customer recognition solutions provide a real-time, API-based method of securing and enhancing your identity authentication without relying on traditional SMS OTP.

  • PSD2 and specifically SCA is creating an additional need for frictionless methods of authentication and verification. 
  • Payfone’s Phone Intelligence-based mobile identity authentication offers a frictionless model of verifying the mobile, creating the best possible experience for your customers. 
  • During these uncertain times, it’s become more challenging than ever to onboard customers and verify high-risk transactions. Payfone’s mobile identity authentication ensures that high-risk transactions can be properly vetted in a way that is invisible and seamless to users.



More ways Payfone can help your business

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Identity Verification

  • Directly integrated with the four major UK mobile operators for first-party data comparison to strengthen on-boarding processes. 
  • Phone number, name, address and date of birth-matching, using a dynamic data set. Reducing KYC costs by providing a lighter touch model for identity verification. 
  • Improves customer contact by increasing accuracy of contact details.


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SIM Swap Fraud Protection

  • Reduces the implications of social engineering on mobile accounts, providing a SIM Swap check prior or during SMS One Time Passcode delivery or high-risk voice calls. 
  • Directly supported by the four major UK mobile operators, a date and time stamp model of last SIM change ensures the most accurate method of SIM Swap detection. 
  • No requirement for base-lining methods in the UK, reducing cost overhead and complexity.


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Forwarded Call Detection

  • It is all too easy to forward calls intended for customers to a fraudster, mainly through social engineering and direct human interaction with call centre staff. Forwarded Call Detection provides the confidence of knowing whether calls have been forwarded. 
  • Operational efficiency can be improved by utilizing a call forward check before delivering calls. Knowing the call will reach its destination or not.
  • Malware on mobile devices can lead to the forwarding of calls. Customers download applications in good faith not realising their mobile has been compromised. Forwarded Call Detection can determine early compromise.

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