Make your telehealth solution easier & faster:

    Reduce time to see a doctor by 50%

    Pre-fill onboarding forms with mobile phone number and member ID so the user doesn't need to type them












Make It Easier and Faster for Your Users to See a Doctor

We can help you:

  • Reduce the number of fields that need to be filled by 80%
  • Pre-fill mobile phone number so the user does not need to type it in
  • Pre-fill member ID
  • Reduce total time to see a doctor by 50%
  • Silently authenticate returning users on subsequent visits
  • Identity-proof your telehealth portal and mobile application users during enrollment


Who We Are

Payfone is an award-winning identity authentication provider that specializes in securing mobile and web interactions while providing an enhanced user experience. 

We are backed by one of the most prominent healthcare organizations in the world and our expertise has been tapped by the largest global financial institutions for over a decade. We have been instrumental in facilitating the digital transformation of services in the banking sector. 


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Checklist: 3 Ways Telehealth Companies Can Scale up to Meet Surging Demand



The demand for telemedicine services is at an all-time high—is your solution optimized for the surge of consumers who might be accessing it? Are you concerned about how quickly, seamlessly and securely new consumers can sign up? Check out our checklist below to see how your solution stacks up:


Is signing up for your mobile app/web portal easy and frictionless? Your consumers expect to speak with a clinician immediately. Are you able to deliver on that promise?


Are new and returning consumers authenticated privately and properly to ensure that their highly sensitive medical records cannot be accessed by unauthorized parties?


If consumers need to dial into your call center for additional help, is it easy for them to do so without having to answer cumbersome security questions - which typically also result in higher OpEx?