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    Fortune 200 company drives 52% fraud reduction and greenlights 98% of transactions with Trust Portal

  • See how a leading business uses Trust Portal to equip customer service representatives and fraud analysts with an intuitive, GUI-based user experience - no IT help required.









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Empower Agents to Verify Consumers’ Identities in Real Time without Relying on IT

    • Trust Portal is an intuitive graphical user interface that enables your customer service representatives to verify customer identities and conduct fraud investigations in real time.

      - Verify that a customer’s identity is associated with a phone number
      - Measure the reliability and risk of a phone number
      - Initiate out-of-band authentication with a secure link
      - Issue one-time password credentials using an automated outbound phone call

      See how a leading company uses Trust Portal to reduce fraud and improve the customer experience.

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Trust Portal Benefits



Faster Risk Assessment

Expedite manual reviews to assess risk more rapidly to better service consumers and prevent fraud.




Self-service for frontline business users

Eliminate IT dependency and directly access Prove’s capabilities with an intuitive, GUI-based experience.


No integration required

Accelerate time to value with a SaaS-based, full-featured portal ready for immediate use.