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Are fraudsters using your call center against you? Learn how Call Center Authentication can help.

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Proactive call verification technology to stop fraud before it starts

Call Center Authentication is the world's first full-stack solution that enables enterprises to:

  • Preemptively protect their call centers against emerging threats such as IVR (interactive voice response) credential stuffing, ANI spoofing, SIM swap, and account takeover 
  • Greenlight the majority of callers without subjecting them to frustrating roadblocks such as knowledge-based security questions or one-time passcodes

Call Center Authentication allows businesses to cut operating expenses by significantly reducing handle time and enabling more customers to self-service in the IVR. By increasing ANI match rate while reducing additional authentication, Call Center Authentication empowers call center agents to recognize and greet customers by name for an enhanced customer experience.

During your consultation, one of our call center specialists will:

  • Examine any vulnerabilities your current call center solution might be leaving you open to
  • Outline how Call Center Authentication can not only mitigate fraud threats but also help you deliver an enhanced call center experience by cutt handle time by 2-4 minutes
  • Walk you through how Call Center Authentication can save significant operating expenses in your call center (an average of $3.60 per call)

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